SkyCaddie SG4 Battery

  Golfers who own the SkyCaddie sg4 golf gps system have all stated that it has... 

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SkyCaddie SG4 Battery

  Golfers who own the SkyCaddie sg4 golf gps system have all stated that it has helped their game tremendously. The access to courses and the host of other options make it the perfect choice when going out for a game of golf. If the device is used a lot, then eventually the SkyCaddie SG4 battery will wear down. The Lithium-Ion Battery that comes with... [Read more...]

Skycaddie Courses

If you on are interested in purchasing or own a SkyCaddie GPS golf GPS system, then you will have an interest in getting different courses for the device. To get SkyCaddie courses you will have to register your device and all sign up for one of their service plans. Skygolf has over 23,000 courses professionally mapped worldwide, so if you like to travel... [Read more...]

Skygolf Skycaddie sg2.5 Golf Cart Mount

Individuals who have a Skygolf Skycaddie sg2.5 should make it their duty to purchase a golf cart mount. In having this product it will give them the opportunity to mount ther SG2.5 on their golf cart, anytime the gout out for a round. The Different Types of SG2.5 Mounts   It can be difficult to choose the right golf mount for your SkyCaddie SG2.5 as... [Read more...]

Skygolf Skycaddie sg3 Golf Cart Mount

For people who own the Skygolf Skycaddie sg3 it is a good option for them to buy a golf cart mount. This will allow them to mount their SG3 on the cart when they go out for a round of 18. The Different Types of SG3 Mounts   There are different types of mounts that are available for the sg3 and all of them cost and work differently. It is always a good... [Read more...]

SkyGolf Company Overview

SkyGolf is a company that prides itself on using different technologies such as GPS, cell phones, the internet and proprietary content to answer one of the most common questions in golf and that is, “How far?” While respecting the game’s traditions and history, SkyGolf has made a commitment to make use of its advanced technology... [Read more...]

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